Business, Individual and In2Work Services by BIHS.  BIHS stands for Business, Individual Help, and Support. 
We're the company that values our customers as our friends; as such; we treat you that way.  Are Tired of high cost, confusing technical support you can never reach by a simple call or text?
BIHS is the support arm for great service featuring tools from Keeping Information Safe, In2Work, Clotron, and Partners with a common-sense business model that designs you out over overhead cost, complexity, and more.  
Let’s talk.


We provide technical support services for clients and partners 24 x 7.   We have no after hour rates, special services, or all the non-sense of yesteryear.  

We offer services for the Individual and Business along with our own In2Work specialized service.  In2Work.Com our one-stop solution for the Individual, business or carrier, meets the growing work-at-home and mobile warriors' unique needs.  We even invented patent-pending technology called Clotron Verify to support users, also when their networks are down. That’s a neat trick.  Read more, or let’s talk.



Security Assesement

We have seen what a security breach looks like, and we can stop it from ever happening.  Please accept our complimentary security assessment of your front-facing Internet resources and LAN at no cost to you.  We call it a chance to meet each other. Our first "Workshop" toward doing the best job we can.

$0.00 Complimentry

Ongoing 24 x 7 Support

BIHS pioneered, providing a radical support model that designs you out of the technical overhead cost. We use a “bucket of hours" for support concept that allows you to use the ongoing support cost of our service for other services that increase your business capabilities and growth.  

$45.00 to $95.00 with Bucket

Individual Concierge Support

We call it “Concierge Service,” but, it is just one-on-one support any time, day or night, the weekend we have offered for decades for individuals, CEOs, celebrities, intelligence and governments around the world.  If you have a technical “problems,” you won’t anymore.   We provide discrete, secure, and individual services 24 x 7.  Are you the CEO or boss and your home office is critical?  We make House Calls.

$45.00 - $85.00 24 x 7

Design and Consulting

From looking over your current operations to designing software, hardware or infrastructures we have three decades of experience.   We created one of the worlds largest networks, invented software that works in healthcare 24 x7, and design secure systems that run non-stop.  We offer common-sense solutions that work and are committed to being good stewards of your money. Visio is our best friend!

$80.00 - $250.00

Wix/Marketing Development

We offer concept, design, construction, writing, SEO and more exclusively on the Wix.Com platform for every business or agency, large and small.  We help create sites with “calls to action” and integrate with your advertising, marketing, and sales, making your web site become part of your business.       Let us host a “What if Your Web Site” call today and discuss business and marketing needs.

Hourly or by Project

Data Protection Service

Is your data secure?  If your business is using BIHS, your chance of losing financial, critical data from a virus or data breach is zero?  With the highest security clearances, we invented ArchiveIt123 and EncryptIt123 because we are tired of overpriced, complicated, ineffective solutions.  Worth a call! 

Business Apps Start a $88.00





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